Monday, January 14, 2013

Kindness }{ printables

Before moving on to today's actual post, I want to explain why I'm staying away from tutorials or photos right now. You see, my entire household, including my camera, have already gone to Oregon. I'll be following next week, but until then I have no way of taking pictures to post on the blog. Bear with me. In the meantime, I'm instead putting up lots of printables that you can download and use.

Lately one of my sisters (by heart) has helped me beyond what I could ever ask for. I couldn't think of how I could repay her kindness until she reminded me of something.

A long time ago I was living with her and her kids. She was taking care of them alone and I needed a place to stay. I helped out with rent and bills and was very grateful that she had given me a place to stay while I worked on my degree. I loved playing with her kids - they were two lovely, spitfire, always-running toe-heads. I took every opportunity to play with them, being silly, running around.

Without realizing it, this helped her get through a tough time. She was exhausted and sick and didn't say anything to anyone. My playing with her kids gave her the break she needed at times. I really had no idea. She has re-payed me that kindness a thousand times over.

The point here is that being kind does not burden us, rather it makes us happy. It brings joy, shared smiles, warm feelings on the giving and receiving sides. 

Which is why this year, I'm making a conscious, explicit, and yes measurable goal of being kinder. How do you measure kindness? It's kind of hard I admit. But I figured one way to start was by sharing kind words with others. 

My goal is to say or do something kind to someone at least once daily, everyday, for the remainder of the year, including family, friends, and strangers.

These printables are just simple little cards that you can print out and put in your pocket. When the opportunity arises, pass them along to someone as a kind word.

Has someone's kindness touched you? How?


  1. I love these!! What a precious idea to keep us mindful of kindness. Printing mine now. :)
    Catherine Denton

  2. That's really wonderful and a really sweet story about your sister. I need daily reminders to be kind to others and make sure that I'm not judging them to be 'worth' my kindness instead

  3. I adore you, I LOVE YOU,... that is the most amazing idea... and so simple... to make the world brighter and better... beyond the 'Profit and Money-Making People'! Happy New Year Miss (future) Oregeon! XXX

  4. I love these! Just perfect for putting in the lunchboxes. :) Thank you!

    Yes, kindness... The kids' school have a mantra which goes "Kind hands, kind feet, kind words, kind heart." We've adopted it at home, too.