Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A pen holder for father's day }{ Tutorial Thursdays

I know, I know, we still have some time to go before Father's day. I just figured I could give you a head start on making something for dad. This particular craft is inspired by my husband's desk, which is much, much more organized than mine.

  • empty (also clean and not smashed) toilet paper rolls; paper towel rolls also work, but you have to cut them down to a smaller size
  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • strong glue (I used a hot glue gun, but it's not necessary as long as your glue is strong enough)
  • scraps of fabric, felt, and/or graphic paper (I took the cover of a mail catalogue)
  • embellishments
  1. Make the bottoms - draw a circle on the cardboard using your toilet paper roll for measure. I circled very close to the sides but on the inside of the roll to make the bottom a little smaller than the roll.
  2. Cover it with fabric/paper/felt - spread glue on the circle and place it on your choice of covering, then let it dry.
  3. Cut the fabric leaving a little extra around the circle.
  4. Attach bottom to roll - spread glue on the inside of the rolls at the bottom. Carefully push the bottom with fabric from the top to the bottom, with the fabric side facing down. The extra fabric will get glued to the sides of the roll and attach the bottom more firmly.
  5. Cut a strip of paper of fabric and glue it around the roll in whatever design you'd like. I'm going to describe the suit design only. 
    1. First cut a white felt triangle and glue it to the roll with the bottom of the triangle going along the top of the roll. 
    2. Then measure and cut a rectangle out of the felt for the suit that will cover the entire roll, but only as wide as it takes to cover it without leaving an empty space. However, do make it a little bit longer, so you can fold the fabric in and glue a bit of it on the inside.
    3. Take some spot around the middle of the rectangle and attach it with pins to the white felt on the spot where the triangle was cut. Cut carefully a matching triangle out of the top of the felt rectangle around the middle. Basically you are matching the opening of the suit to match the triangle you already cut (the shirt).
    4. Glue the rectangle to the roll, matching the missing triangle section on the suit to the white felt triangle already on the roll.
    5. Measure the length and cut a tie shape, then glue it to the white shirt/triangle. 
    6. Measure the length and cut two strips to glue alongside the shirt triangle and make a suit lapel.
steps 2 and 3

steps 5.1- 5.4
steps 5.5 and 5.6

I also made one with a baseball-themed cover of a catalogue we received in the mail, since my husband loves baseball. All I did for that was cut a rectangle out of the cover with the pitcher and his team positioned in the middle of the roll. I also covered another roll with fuzzy yarn and added some buttons, but that one's for me. :)

Once you have the bottom, you and your big or little kids can really decorate the roll however you want. You can even put an "I love you dad" or "#1 dad" in there. I ran out of old rolls....

What are you planning on doing for Father's day?
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  1. Such a cute idea! :-)

    Hope you´ll have a great day dear! :-)

  2. great idea!! thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment :)

  3. Hey - Mark Ryden had really cool and weird work, I liked it a lot! Thanks for telling me! :-)

  4. Adorable my sweet scared me a bit...I thought father's day may have been this coming weekend....phew...still time...hugs. xoxo

  5. Great, easy idea! My hub still has and uses his pencil holder with popsicle sticks around the outside.

  6. Such a cute idea! I love the sweater/tie combo!
    Another great idea to add to the crafting file!

  7. Muito boa ideia!!!mas tem a comemoração do dia dos namorados antes dos pais.
    Amadinha tem presente pra ti aqui em casa(blog).
    Final de Semana Feliz.

  8. That is awesome! I love that little tie peeking out ;-)

  9. Such a great project--LOVE the one that looks like a jacket with tie! AHHH so cute!!

  10. Hope you´ve had a great Saturday! :-)

  11. Too cute!
    Your blog is great...look forward to reading more!

  12. Such an awesome gift! I’ve included it in my roundup of best Father’s Day crafts for preschoolers :)