Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to make an egg carton chick for Easter candy

This whole month of February, I've been keeping a theme going of organization and repurposing (see the following posts - blog organizing, recycling a box into a wreath, and repurposing a belt as a headband). Today's post will be the last, for a while, on this theme.

This post recycles in two ways. First, it recycles a common household waste product into a craft. Second, I'm recycling the craft/post. I had published it a couple of years ago on a website which no longer exists. It made me sad to think that one of my favorite little crafts had disappeared into the nether regions of the web. So I decided to bring it back right here with brand new instructions.

Now Let's get to business. 

Have you ever looked at your empty egg carton and imagined all kinds of little critters you could make out of it? Maybe I'm crazy, but that's all I see! The possibilities are endless, I'm telling you. With Easter coming up, here's one that would make nice little additions to an Easter get together. 

  • cardboard egg carton (I like them better than the styrofoam for crafts)
  • construction paper (green or brown)
  • yellow craft paint and a paint brush
  • glue
  • scissors
  • yellow tulle
  • orange craft foam
  • small circular jewels for the eyes
  • a small yellow pom pom


1. Cut out the egg cradling parts of the carton, both top and bottom. Each pair will be one chick.

2. Paint the top half yellow and set it aside to dry.

3. While the top dries, cut a strip of tulle and one of green or brown construction paper. Cut thin lines until about 1/4 in from the bottom across the strip to make the grass for the nest. Glue the bottom of the strip on the inside of the bottom half of the egg carton.

4. Glue the small yellow pom pom (the head) on one upper side of the yellow painted carton. Then cut a small square piece of yellow tissue paper and scrunch it up for a tail, then glue it.  

5. Cut a small triangle of orange foam and glue it as a beak, then glue the small jewels as eyes. That's it, you're done!

When you put them together, you've got a cute little chick on a nest where you can store small candy. Just make sure you put some clean tissue paper at the bottom before adding the candy.

Filled with Easter M&Ms and jelly beans!

Have you ever done a craft with your old egg cartons or recycled containers? What was it?


  1. Very cute, I love the idea! :-) Hope you´re fine my friend!

  2. Well that's just stinking adorable. <3

  3. Aww, that is too adorable. I'm ashamed to say but my egg carton is in my fridge. Holding three week past expiration eggs...