About Me

Who am I?

I'm  someone whose head is full of ideas, someone who loves to create and explore all things crafty.

Born and raised in Brazil, but also in the US, my world has always been a mix of languages and cultures. That's even truer now with a Japanese husband and a trilingual household, living in multicultural, progressive Portland, OR. I'm mostly an autodidact, learning a lot on my own, but I have taken courses in photography and painting, my two favorite art forms. It's funny how someone so focused on languages (the subject of my PhD work) turns to the visual arts to express herself.

My crafts explore the world from a child-like adult's viewpoint. That is, me - a pint sized girl Peter Pan. Not really, but I try to combine both innocence and a child's point of view and more grown up themes in my work. I want what I make to please my daughters, to bring them curiosity and joy, but at the same time to speak to some of the adults who see it as well. 

I am also currently finishing a PhD and between grading papers, analyzing theory, and doing my own research, I end up pulling my hair out by the end of most days. Oh yeah, and did I mention I have a preschooler running around at home and a baby just learning to crawl to follow her big sister? And there's a patient husband too, who has to be added to my schedule in order to get any time alone with his wife. 

What is this blog?

This is my release from all the stress and business of daily life. I love to create. Whether it's knitting a simple scarf, baking muffins, taking snapshots of the world around me, the process of interpreting and creating something new helps me to regroup, recharge, and release the stress.  And I love to write, so why not combine the two in one place to help me make sense of the whirlwind that's my life. I needed some kind of place to get away from the craziness. From all that Mrs Ricefield was born - a blog but also a shop where I sell some of the things I make.  Here I share some of the things I do, some of the things I love, some of my life. I hope you decide to stay a while and share some of the things that you love.