Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catching up

Done! For about a month...

But for now I get to enjoy some freedom to craft, and read, and knit, and... I'm so excited!
*happy sigh*

*another happy sigh*

*one more happy sigh*

*and a smile*

So what am I going to do with this time? Well, I do have to clean the house, since I have family coming on Friday to stay with us for a week. My sister hasn't seen N. since last Christmas. My mom hasn't seen her since she was 1 month old! I guess that's what happens when you move as far as I have, haha.

I have a whole list of projects to complete before Christmas too. I'm knitting some santa hats for my DH and I, making new Christmas stockings, some new ornaments, a pillow, and lots of cookies!

I'll try to share as much as I can as I go along. For now, I'd like to share my reading list for this break. I've been waiting to get my hands dirty with these books' projects for a while now. Anybody wants to join?


Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Enjoy your special time my friend! Sounds busy but fun!

    Sending you hugs for your Thursday. ...great books by the way! xoxo

  2. SOunds like you have lots of house work and crafting to do, my kind of gal! I own all of those books and are well worth it :D (I can say that about my own book, can't I!?!) Thanks for considering buying my book and putting it alongside those 2 wonderful books.
    Have a lovely Holiday season.

  3. Interesting books - and I love the covers! Have a great day! :-)