Friday, December 3, 2010

Pretty little things

I've been getting into full on holiday mode lately. Decorations are up, but I'm still doing Christmas-y crafts as I go along (see this post from yesterday).

So today, in the spirit of Christmas decoration, I want to share a giveway that Bluebird Notes is having, because well... take a look at the shop where the ornaments are coming from. I love, love, love those ornaments! *sigh* I'm definitely getting my hands on some, regardless of the giveaway.


On a different note, can we talk about blur? Does it make me a bad photographer or even a bad consumer of photography if I love blur?

Of course I love crisp, clear, and focused photography as well. But sometimes, I feel that life is not completely in focus, and that's what I want to portray in a photo. This photo of N. wasn't originally supposed to be out of focus, but when I retook it with the correct focus on her eyes, I didn't like it as much.

I love this picture.... but maybe I'm just out of it. 

Are there any pictures that in your opinion came out better as a "mistake?"

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  1. It is a dilemma for me too. I'll delete photos because of blur-focus issues,etc.. and then when I see them again in the recycle bin I'm like "but I really like it!" You've inspired me to keep more of them! :)