Monday, January 31, 2011

Highly prized - a collection

A couple more sketches in response to the January prompt of the sketchbook challenge - "highly prized."

School and learning:

(this last guy is another student)

An almost leafless tree: (Fall and winter are my favorite seasons of the year) 

As a brief reflection on this blog... I'm surprised at how much sketching I've been sharing here. It's not my best craft, but it seems to be dominating my life right now. I've always liked a challenge I guess. I just didn't imagine the blog would be a place for me to be exposing these sketches to the world! 

Blogs seem to have a life of their own, eh? 

What have you done on your blog that has surprised you? Do share a "surprise" post if you'd like. I'd love to see them.

And thank you everyone for your well wishes and your comments on the fish. Your comments always encourage me.

"It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy." - Lucille Ball (quote taken from the incredibly fun silly III class).


  1. are talented...what don't you do my friend?

    Happy glad to hear you ordered one of those fab necklaces...oh they are all so pretty...a necklace is next on my list. Hugs xoxoxo

  2. You truly are talented... and brave! I'm definitely very cautious about what I post on my blog. I'd like to work toward being more open and fearless... baby steps :)

  3. Love this - great! :-)

    Haha, I´d say every post surprises me. I´m always like: "Hey, did I write that out LOUD"?! :-D

    Have an awesome day!