Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happiness in my mailbox

Oh girl! (never really understood why the expression only works with "boy")

Spring was delivered to my doorsteps yesterday.

Last week or so, the lovely lady of Bluebird Notes shared with her readers this uber romantic shop on etsy, Tamar. After drooling over its necklaces and bracelets, I couldn't resist and bought this:

Isn't it swoon worthy? It's perfect for light Spring dresses and I can't wait to premier it. 
But wait, check out the box it came in. 

I was *almost* as excited to get the cute box as I was to get that beautiful necklace. Almost. But then I get to wear the necklace, so it wins.

What have you received lately (in the mail or otherwise, material or otherwise) that put an extra skip on your hop?


  1. Oh I adore your necklace!!!!! Now that makes my heart sing....but I have not got my bracelet yet...boo hoo...maybe because I like in Canada??? I will we waiting and running to my mailbox this afternoon.. Thanks for sharing and for mentioning me. xoxoxoxo Hugs...ENJOY!

  2. New to your blog. I love the necklace! Gorgeous! I have not received anything new and exciting as I have been spending my money on new baby items as I am due in April. Your necklace inspires me to go shopping though!

  3. That's lovely! So delicately beautiful!

    My Valentine's gift to my daughter arrived Tuesday, so I can't wait to give it to her (a breakfast in bed tray for her doll and a set of Valentine's pj's). I get just as excited to receive packages for my kids as I do for myself :)