Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lately I've fallen in love with paper. Yes, I know I already have my strong and lasting relationships with the needle arts, my blossoming flirt with drawing and painting, and several recurring one-night stands with random crafts.

I guess I'm just not a loyal, one-craft woman.... Good things crafts are pretty forgiving.

Back to paper. My mom's birthday card, made with love by the super team of me and the little one.

(The picture doesn't do it justice this time. It looked much cuter in person.) 

Is anyone else out there "scraftzophrenic?" What are your lasting love affairs with creative activities and have you had "others" on the side? (feel free to ignore this very personal crafting question)


  1. I am SO like that! So many flirtations! haha! I was going to pick up quilling last summer and bought the stuff and then never got around to it. I was also into ribbon emboidery for a while...still have the stuff for that. It's all so fun and rewarding, though, and I can always go back to it. I enjoy seeing all of your "relationships" on your blog! :) Cute card!

  2. Oh YES - I´m here, there and everywhere! :-D

    I used to be a scrapbooker for many years and constantly fell in love with papers. Still love them! :-)

  3. Your card is adorable!!!! I tend to me all over the place too...a little bit of this and is too short to stay with only one thing! xoxoxo HUGS for FRIDAY my friend. xoxoxo