Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cookie goodness

Wait, what did I say about taking a break because I'm too busy?

Yeah, I don't know how to stay away. This is my sanity-saver.

Sooo, I know I've mentioned Koralee of Bluebird Notes a few times before (seriously, go check out her blog - it's a daily dose of warm rays of sunshine). Well, just look at these cookies she shared on her blog a week ago!

I tried my hand at making them, and they are scrumptious! AND they're also good for those of you with dairy and/or egg allergies, as long as you substitute the butter for margarine/soy butter and skip the chocolate.

I suggest you stop reading right now and go bake some. Your taste buds will thank you.

What's your favorite baking recipe?


  1. Ah - can never get too many cookies! :-)

    I love to make Pineapple pie and serve it with vanilla ice cream, that´s one of my main favourites. :-)

  2. I'm intrigued and I'm so going to try these! :) Thanks for sharing hte link.

    I love PW's Monster Cookies recipe, but I use almonds and I skip the M&Ms and rice krispies.

  3. @Tina and Buckeroomama - I love to try new recipes, so please, do share! :)