Saturday, April 23, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond!

Actually, no, not really. My post today has nothing to do with Buzz Lightyear. I just like to say that in a deep voice and arms stretched out.

The last few days have been insanely busy, and today was... unbelievable. I didn't know you could fit all that into one day. So, I actually had choices for my title:

  • Trouble in paradise: N. and papa fight over how to set up the garden. Well, actually N. had her heart set on making the garden one way that was practically impossible. She didn't take it very well when papa insisted on making his box for the vegetables.

  • Tragedy in the oven: I baked some pink cookies, and they looked delicious... until they burned in the oven. 

  • Tasty Treats: still, the above mentioned burned pink cookies turned out very tasty, especially since we added a bit of frosting and sprinkles. Sprinkles make everything better. 

Happy East everyone!


  1. Olá querida!!!
    Por aqui tbém andei queimando umas gostosuras, mas foi por conta da emoção, agitação é apilido, querida! quatro netos soltos pela casa, sem contar que choveu muito por aqui, e fora os adultos que conversam sem parar, menina!!!
    Mas valeu a pema! minha filha já viajou de volta pois segunda começa o trabahlo e a faculdade, ficou só as lindas lembranças desse passeio por aqui!!!
    Bjos e Feliz Páscoa pra todos vocês ai!!!

  2. Those cookies look fabulous! Glad to have found your blog through the A-Z challenge.

  3. woo hoo! your painting arrived and now sits above my sewing machine. when i have a blur moment, i look up and ahh... love, love, love it! thankyou so soo much. sorry i haven't commented earlier, have only been home a few days from the hospital with the latest addition to our family - a little girl!

  4. Even your burnt cookies are delicious!
    I hope that N felt better after cookies with sprinkles!

    Happy Easter!