Thursday, April 28, 2011

Xoxo (xicara)

Is it cheating that I'm using some Portuguese words in the a-z challenge?

Well, really, Xoxo is an American expression I believe. But I know xicara is not. It means cup - specifically coffee or tea cup.

I wanted a cute coffee cup to use as a small flower vase, but I didn't want to take one of the cups we actually use. Solution: go to the dollar store, buy a white cup, and paint it.

I first sanded down the cup to help the paint stay better. Then I picked/mixed the colors I wanted and used a sponge to apply (for texture). Finally, I wrote the Xoxo with a brush and voila. Now I really need some flowers for my sad and lonely vases.

Do you have any unusual uses for coffee cups? In what different ways do you use household staples?


  1. Ficou linda amiga!! delicada amei !!!
    Bjos Carinhosos

  2. Beautiful. I really like this idea. I think mugs are a great gift...and you could really personalize them using this method. Thanks!

  3. What a cute coffee cup! I love that you used XOXO as part of your X word. Very creative.

    The only use my coffee cups get is filling me with coffee. ha. But I have been thinking of using one of my teapots as a planter.
    My Blog

  4. I love that you used a Portuguese word for the challenge. Now I can say I know a little Portuguese ;)

    I also love what you did with the coffee cup. It looks so cute! If N. is like Makayla she's sure to pick you some flowers to fill it! Maybe some grass and weeds too ;)

  5. I think all is fair in love, war and the A to Z. I used a greek word today, so you might say I'm biased. But these are desperate days here at the end.


  6. Since I don't drink coffee - must of my cups end up as pen holders - but none are nearly this cute.

  7. That is cute! I posted a loooong and final post about Legoland today - just ask if there´s anything more you´d like to know! :-)

  8. This looks great! So many options with this idea!