Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Freedom }{ Texture Tuesday

It's Texture Tuesday again.

It's one of my favorite posts of the week along with WIP wednesdays, tutorial thursdays, free for all fridays, and illustration friday (yah, I know that means every theme I post is one of my favorites - it's just how it goes).

This week's prompt was open for us to choose - just use one of Kim's textures on a photo we like. Freedom of choice.

So with Fourth of July coming up and all, I decided to do a tribute to freedom. I can't think of things freer than animals in the wild. And yes, I know that a marina is not "the wild" exactly... But he's not in a cage, right? Here's to freedom in a modern setting with a textured old look.

  • original photo with minor adjustments
  • make background copy BW on normal @26%
  • sepia tint copy on normal @100%
  • gradient map BW on multiply @32%
  • solid navy blue layer on exclusion @20%
  • Kim Klassen's "mayzee" on linear burn @50%
  • Kim Klassen's "just cause" on soft light @50%
How would you represent freedom?



  1. gosh, i think i know that bird!
    i love this photo, and seeing all your steps to get it there - wow.
    it's beautiful.

  2. Olá querida!
    Que linda!!!
    essa foto ficou fantástica!
    Bjos carinhosos!

  3. This is great, good work with the texture! Oh, how I need to see the ocean soon..!

  4. great texturising - love the sharpness of the bird contrasting the textured background

  5. You have captured a vintage look - and the dream of freedom. Beautiful.

  6. Love your photo my friend...hugs.

  7. i love shots of birds and this is great. How would I represent freedom, umm probably an escaped balloon

  8. I love to see the seagulls floating free in the sky or resting a while on a post. Your texture work is lovely, thank you for your recipe.

  9. Great job -- is the fourth really that close? Yikes. This summer is slipping away and I'm sitting here wearing a sweatshirt. It's chilly in Nebraska today.

    Thank you for the thoughtful comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it! :)

  10. Free as a bird....Tought I would be that at 72m butI do not so...still working with lots of responsibilities :-) Ah, such is life. I do live in the USA and no in a country where freedom is something not in their people’s vocabularies. For this I do give GREAT thanks. This textured photo is lovely. A beautiful capture. genie

  11. Beautiful picture...I would represent freedom with a naked baby in a field of tall grass. ;) Cute little butt shot, half covered.

  12. This is beautiful, I. Kim's "Just Cause" texture is fast becoming one of my favorites. :)

  13. He's beautiful. Nice editing.

  14. The bird is so clear and sharp compared to the textured background! Great work!

  15. Great shot. The editing gives it that feel of years ago. Great use of the texture.

  16. I love this photograph. very nice.

    Thank you for putting so much thought into your comment on my blog. I can rarely find the words when it comes to critiquing other peoples work. Thank you for taking the time :)