Monday, June 6, 2011

Words }{ Texture Tuesday

This week's Texture Tuesday prompt was "words." Oh boy, oh boy! Of course I had to do something with books. It doesn't matter that photos of books have been overdone to the point of boredom. I never get tired of them.

You see, I love books. In fact, I love the printed word - magazines, books, even newspapers. In my collages (one day I'll share those) I always add some printed words element somewhere. 

These first two photos show a book that fates back to when my grandparents were still engaged. But this copy isn't my grandmothers - I ended up hunting for one of my own when I was a teenager. Still, my grandmother read this story when she was in her late adolescence/early twenties, my mother read it when she was a teenager, and so did I. My mother liked it so much that she named my little sister after the main character in the story. The story itself isn't anything great, too sugary as my mother used to say, but still... At this point I feel like it's part of our history. 

  • background with minor adjustments
  • Kim Klassen's "Trust" on linear burn @25%
  • Kim Klassen's "Sweettart" on color @20%

  • original image with minor adjustments
  • convert background copy to BW on normal @26%
  • add solid white layer and use clipping mask to background copy. With opacity of brush on 65%, add some black on portions of the flowers.
  • Kim Klassen's "Portrait" on darker color @30%
  • Kim Klassen's "Stained Linen" on darker color @25%
  • add layer mask to the this last layer and with brush opacity on 65%, remove some of the texture from the flowers 

Speaking of history, this last photo shows an interesting book. It's a collection of short stories compiled by a 16th century French writer (Pierre Boaistuau) who said they were true accounts of amazing events, and guess what? Romeo and Juliet is in there somewhere... yep, before Shakespeare, but we knew that. His incredible ability is not always in what he wrote, but in how he wrote it. Boaistuau himself did quite a bit of plagiarizing, incurring the wrath of many during his lifetime.

  • original with minor adjustments
  • Kim Klassen's "Just Cause" on linear burn @ 40%
  • Kim Klassen's "Warm Sun" on soft light @50%



  1. I love the flowers on the pages... very nice touch! :)

  2. Great....
    Regards from France,


  3. Very nicely done...I love books too. Maybe I'll try shooting a few shots using books. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Bright blessings,

  4. Beautiful use of textures--I love-love books too...

  5. lovely shots and i know what it is like to have to buy your own copy of a book, I have done that too. I love the texturing work you've done lovely.

  6. Beautiful! I love how the flowers add a bit of color! Very pretty!

  7. Wonderful texture work. I love those little flowers and the way they add a touch of color to your images.

  8. just beautiful. thanks for sharing your recipe, i am still learning so much about textures and photoshop.

  9. Love the pansies - great texture work!

  10. Your book images are anything but boring! What a nice way you have with words....sharing them and photographing them. I love all of your images but I thing the first is my favorite, probably because of the story that goes with the image. Happy TT!


  11. Just lovely, looks great! :-)

    Haha - well, there we can both see that great minds think alike even when it comes to lamps and such! :-)

    Have a great day! :-)

  12. I love pictures of books too! There can never be enough. These are fabulous!

  13. I never get tired of books...or words! Your photos are very lovely:)

  14. such a beautiful collection of photos. great edited! love every single one!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your process for applying the textures. That is so helpful to us who are still learning the process. Your shots are lovely. The pansies, the book, and the textures blend together so nicely. A wonderful contribution this week :-)

  16. Olá querida!!!
    Espero que esteja bem com a partida do marido, ainda bem que tu tens N , para te fazer companhia, o tempo passa rapido e a gente vai acostumando, nos primeiros dias a saudade torna-se forte, por um lado é bom quando ele volta tem muitaaaa saudade, suas fotos estão belas, o amor perfeito ficou mesmo perfeito no livro.
    Bjos Carinhosos.
    Oro por voces, Jesus, coloca anjos, protetores e guerreiros para cuidar e protejer o casal e filinha N.

  17. Wonderful images and textures. I like it ! Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  18. A great photo and textures, I love the soft focus on the text of the book and the pansies are a whimsical touch.

  19. beautiful touch: flower on the book!

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