Monday, August 15, 2011

My Shop finally opened!


I've been working on the legalities for two months, and now my shop has officially opened as a stand alone website and on Etsy.

I'm slowly listing the items I've been making these past few weeks. This has been truly a fun but exhausting time preparing the shop, making the products and the boxes to ship them in (yeah, even the boxes are handmade), getting the county and state documents allowing me to sell, making the website, etc. I've learned so much!

Now I'm looking forward to listing out all the things I have ready, and making even more products to list. I'm really enjoying everything that has to do with the shop, even bookkeeping. (no, really, it's kind of fun)

So, here's to new adventures and starting new phases of our lives! 


  1. That must have been hard work - I can´t even imagine! Good luck to you! :-)

  2. Congratulations! How exciting.

  3. Congratulations!!!! Yiphiee! Did you opened a champagne bottle, too?
    Sorry for my long absence here and for not mailing... long story. But i will write soon, promise. Big Hug Juju

  4. Congratulations too ! Good luck and success. And have fun with your beautiful shop !

  5. You go Mrs. R!! That's awesome, your art and crafts are truly inspiring and always a joy to look at. Best of luck with your shop!

  6. Congratulations...and hurray!! SO happy for you. =)

    Off to check out your shop!

  7. Olá querida! que saudades! pensei muito em ti hoje, pensei que estivesse de férias!
    Que bom que a loja está a mil, tu vais colocar ai na loja aquelas porcelanas poás vermelho e branco. espero que sim, estou curiosa, postei algumas fotos da minha viagem, foi maravilhosa, vi e vivi momentos felizes, junto com minha filha amada!
    Bjos Carinhosos

  8. How exciting!! I'm thrilled to hear about your shop and all you're learning.
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