Thursday, March 1, 2012

Close up }{ The Sketchbook Challenge

I'm starting to get some of my energy back. *only some* 

Although that still leaves me with little time to post more often, it does mean that I have the energy to fit in a quick sketch or two into my week. Like this one.

That's N. sleeping
I got inspired by the February sketchbook challenge theme: close up. Drawing faces usually presents a big challenge for me, and I thought the theme would be the perfect excuse to practice drawing at least a portion of a face. Especially the nose........ What is it with noses? I can never get them right. But focusing on just a small part I was able to do better than usual. 

This was the full page of the sketchbook by the way. I didn't use it all, so when I cropped the picture I only kept the actual sketch.

What is your biggest drawing challenge? 


  1. Great sketch, I don't have that talent at all! Glad you're getting some energy back! :-)

  2. Noses are really tough - I haven't done sketches in a long time - what type of pencil did you use?

    1. Graphite, then I smudged it with my fingers. :)

  3. That is beautiful..I love the close up sketch and the angle... this expresses so much to me, more than a photograph though I can't explain why. It's lovely.

  4. I think your sketches are are very talented my friend. Sending you love and hugs.