Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Felt Christmas tree }{ Crafting with kids

A while back I came across this project from Olives and Pickles on Pinterest, and I knew I wanted to try it with the princess. We love Christmas projects and this was easy and fun.

I also had this tray frame that I got on sale and that begged to be used for framing something fun. I put the two together - let the princess make some art and then frame it with the tray. My plan is to use it for different seasons and holidays. Simply change the background and the art piece as the year goes by.


  • green and brown felt
  • yellow felt or gold card stock
  • buttons of several colors
  • glue
  • silver glitter
  • a large piece of card stock in a color that contrasts with green and gold
  • a frame


  1. Draw a Christmas Tree on a sheet of green craft felt (or you can use a template) and then cut it out.
  2. Cut out a small square of brown felt to be the tree trunk.
  3. Draw and cut the yellow felt or gold card stock in the shape of a star.
  4. Gather some buttons, the glue, and the glitter. 
  5. Let the child decorate the tree. With older kids they could actually do the previous steps as well, but I decided to have it all ready for her to make it a quicker activity. She can get tired quick if it's too hard and involved.
  6. Add the tree and the trunk in the frame facing down.
  7. Place a contrasting card stock sheet on top of the tree for a background. I chose silver since it's sparkly for Christmas and out of the card stock I have it provided the biggest contrast.
  8. Close up the frame and place it somewhere where everyone can see, and show your kiddo how proud you are of their work.

So I did turn the original project into a little art project rather than math play. The great thing about inspiration is that you can turn something you find into something entirely different and have two activities instead of one.

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  1. She did a great job with the tree - you've got a little crafter on your hands