Friday, December 10, 2010

Down to the last minute

My brain is consumed with academic thoughts right now... And probably will be for the rest of this weekend. Though I wish I could let it fly....

(acrylic on wood, 4 x 4)


  1. Sending you love for a great weekend...hope all goes well at school so you can let those thoughts fly away and enjoy the spirit of the Season. ooxx

  2. awesome painting, did you do it?

    totally would love to fly away in that balloon too!

    I'm starting school again after 7 years of being out of it! Its scary stuff, but I'm looking forward to it!

  3. What a simple, yet beautiful piece of art. I love it!
    It sounds a bit stressful for you right now but I know so many friends that would love to go back and finish the level of education they had intended to finish years ago. I know I would. So study hard!! and keep painting :)

  4. Lovely - love the bright colors! :-)

  5. Eek, thank you everyone. This was a little collage I made for N. There will be three more coming soon...