Sunday, December 12, 2010

My daughter, my inspiration

I think I'm going to make Sundays days devoted to my little girl. I always end up so inspired by her on weekends. Probably because I spend almost 100% of my time with her on those days. Oh, who am I kidding, every day she's the first thing on my mind - she's truly been my inspiration for life since I first saw those little heart flickers on the ultrasound screen.

(Digital frame from Paislee Press. Check out her wonderful creations!)

Oh, and just to clarify my last post, that's a painting/collage (more painting than collage, but I did add some pattern paper, and other things to it) that I did for N. My plan is to make three more of those - one for each season. That one was summer.

What's your inspiration?


  1. aw shes such a doll!

    feel free to share the blog post :)

  2. oh this photo is so lovely! captures the sweet innocence of childhood. Daughters are such a blessing <3