Monday, January 24, 2011

A hint of spring colors and a book

I've been in the mood for bright colors. It must be my anticipation of spring, as far as that seems right now (yeah, temperatures were around -7 F, or -22 C today).

So I ordered some fun fabric from the lovely hip fabric shop and it arrived! 

Now I just have to decide what to do with it. I'm thinking possible a sun dress or romper for N. Or maybe some decorative item for the house. So many possibilities...

Speaking of possibilities, one that I hold dear to my heart is that N. will grow up speaking at least three languages. Maybe I should explain why...

Background: My PhD is in Second Language Acquisition (SLA), I was born and raised in Brazil, and my husband is Japanese. So, back to multilingualism.

Besides being a gift that I can give her and that I think could benefit her greatly in the future, it will also help her connect to her grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and a huge extended family in both countries. 

But there's a problem - she's not exposed to either language outside of the house, and that's not enough exposure to make sure she becomes fluent. So we try to find ways to supplement her exposure through books and dvds. It's a lot easier in Japanese, since we can find materials fairly easily in the US compared to Portuguese. 

This long story is my, a-hem, justification for dabbling into making her a book. 

I've decided that to help her Portuguese, I'll just make my own books for her. I've started with a prototype of a character. Meet Ana Maria Abelha (transl. Anne Marie Bee)!

She'll be introducing N. the alphabet in Portuguese and her first adventure is written, just waiting to be illustrated. It'll take me a while with all the other things I'm working on, but this project is close to my heart. It will get done.

Have a lovely week, friends! And do leave me a hello telling me what I could do with that fabric.


  1. Such a cute bee - sounds like fun! :-)

    Love the fabric! :-)

  2. and you are the happy orange colour in your new fabric...sorry ...I could not resist!

    Thanks you for your happy monday morning comments my sweet friend. xoxoxoxoxo Enjoy your day.

  3. Hello you! Ahhhh... multilingualism!
    I can say bee in french (abeille) and dutch (bij). My husband is italian. He is sitting right next to me and says "ape".
    If you stump upon hugly mistakes i make in english, pleeeeeeease tell me so that i can fix it!
    And, just because you ask, i really need a cute cover for my iPad, so feel inspired to use that super cute fabric to make me one! he he :)