Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My husband is from Japan.

His family is fine, they don't live near the affected areas. Our friends in Tokyo are also ok and we've talked to them online.


We pray for all the families who have lost someone, for all the families who have been displaced, for all those who are suffering.

We pray that relief efforts can continue and those missing can be found soon. We pray that the nuclear power plants can be taken care of safely. We pray that all the effort and organization that Japan has always put into preparing for disasters pays off now.

Our hearts are with you.

If you'd like to help, here are some organizations that are working with relief efforts.

The Red Cross
Save the Children
International Medical Corps
Global Giving
Doctors Without Borders

(N. wearing a yukata - a summer kimono - her grandparents gave her during our visit in 2009)


  1. Yes, my heart goes out to all affected by this - such an enormous disaster. Very sad in every way. :-(

    I´m glad your relatives are ok.

  2. I have two Japanese friends, former teammates from my snowboarding days, who I've lost touch with. I am so worried about them. I pray ever day that they and theirs are safe. I have had the privilege of traveling to Japan five different times during my snowboard career. It is a beautiful beautiful country filled with very gracious people. I can't even imagine what they are enduring right now. On another note, thanks for reading and commenting on my posts over at Momformation.

  3. Thank you both for your words of support. The Japanese are strong as a community, but support and empathy from around the world are always appreciated in this time of crisis.

    @Betsy - of course. Your blog over there is one of my favorites, full of fun and interesting snippets of life.

  4. I am glad that your friends and family are OK. Such a tragedy!

  5. I'm so thankful your loved ones are safe. We have good friends in Hokkaido and they were blessed to have the protection of the mountains. Such lovely photos of your little one.

  6. glad to hear his family is OK. such a scary & terrible situation :(

  7. I am happy to hear your family is fine...my heart and prayers are with the people of Japan. Thank you for sharing today. xoxoxo

  8. Glad to hear your family and friends in Tokyo are fine. We just learned that one of our Communal Global friends (Emily) is well and safe, too.

    Still so much rebuilding and healing to be done in Japan. My heart just goes out to them. Praying for Japan.