Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slowing Down

I think I have to slow down a bit.

There's a lot going on at work and I just can't keep up with it all.

So I'm going to work on fewer craft projects at any one point in time. I'm working on a painting right now. Then it's off to sew for a bit. But that's it, everything else is on hold until the craziness at work is done.

I also haven't had as much time to stop by every blog I'd like to read... *sigh* I miss all the eye candy!

In my last post I shared the sketch for my fairy tale based piece. So today I want to show you how the actual piece came out.

How do you balance all that's on your to-do list? How do you decide what needs to give?


  1. Lovely painting! :-)

    Oh I don´t know really, if I´m full of energy I manage to do all I have in mind because I don´t need that much sleep - but if I´m tired it´s even more important for me to take time for creativity. It gives me my energy back - and without being able to do something I love, I become a bore. :-D

  2. Oh I totally understand this problem and I blogged about it myself the other week! I don't manage to fit in all I want to do and am struggling to balance time between painting and sewing for my shop. I can juggle things but then they take so long. I guess I shouldn't take on so much but there are so many things I enjoy and want to do!

  3. I love your painting and the colors you used! :)

    I go through "bursts." Sometimes I'm all go, go, go, but other days, I don't accomplish anything.

    Thank you for your sweet words over at Tina's blog. =)

  4. Just checking how you´re doing, hope you´re having a great saturday! :-)