Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Cute!

Ok, ok, am I going overboard with this? Two C posts? Yesterday was Sunday and I wasn't really supposed to post, but I wanted to catch up with the posting. Then today....

I ran into two things this morning that made my head almost explode with so much cuteness. I just have to share!

First of all, I came across this blog: Cath Kidston and it's taking me all the self-discipline I can muster not to buy anything. It is not healthy for me to come across places like this, I tell you. Check our their dotty line! And they have fabric too!  *bites hand not to push the add to basket button*

(Dotty Teapot image from the Cath Kidston website)

And if that's not enough cuteness for one morning, it's very rainy today and N. went to daycare wearing her ladybug umbrella and galoches/rain boots. 

I know I'm not an objective opinion on this... But isn't she just too cute for words? 

(storyboard by Coffeeshop)
(Oh how I love this little girl)

Do you like cute things? Or is this post making you want to throw up? ;-)


  1. Ikeeedaaa!!!
    Amei ! Amei!
    lindo demais amo bolinhas essas oisinhas fofas, se pudesse compraria todos.
    E a filinha então? que linda! fofa demais com esse guarda chuva, e roupa rosa, muito linda!!!
    tbém tenho uma menina,( está na foto do blog comigo) linda tem 26 anos meu bebê, mas não mora aqui, comigo, estuda e trabalha num Banco em São Paulo, sinto muita falta dela,ela me faz rir muito é alegre, inteligente, bom astral. Tenho também dois filhos homens casados. Atualmente em casa somos marido eu e meu irmão de 38 anos ele é Daw, faz meus dias mais felizes com a ausencia de minha filha amada

  2. LOL! I love the cuteness. No puking here... just grins and giggles. :)

  3. I love polka dots! And I'm happy to find another crafty blogger on this A-Z challenge.

    I read your "about" page--I have no idea how you have time to do anything! I'm amazed!

  4. Nope - I love cute, especially with dots and kids! I posted about dots today as well! :-)

  5. Adore cuteness! Now I'm debating whether to click on Cath Kidston or save myself and retreat!

  6. Well I couldn't resist and I visited Cath Kidston and I just want every bag! Purses and bags are my weakness!

  7. Ooooooh Ikeda... She is too cute!

  8. Love all this today my friend...cute x100 i would say. xoxox hugs.