Saturday, April 16, 2011

A day with N

It's her letter day! My baby girl N.

It's a given that I'd be talking about her today. This is my little girl's life (well, this weekend at least)


Dancing at the ice cream parlor (yeah, the photo is blurry from the dancing)

And lots of hugs from the Easter Bunny!

As you can tell, we don't always finds time to craft together, because life is full. I try to fit it in whenever I can, but if she doesn't feel like one day, then no art (but that's rare).

What are your weekends like?


  1. First, the dress is adorable on her! I love the blue fabric :)
    Second, I think it's so cute that she wears her headbands like my daughter :)
    Third, how did you get her to like the easter bunny?

  2. @Brianna - I always ask myself the same question, but it's just how she is. She loves the holiday characters. With Santa, we had to hold her back until it was her turn, then we let her go and she ran, literally, and jumped on his lap. It was hilarious.

  3. Your daughter is super adorable! I love that she seems to be really enjoying the gym. :)