Saturday, April 16, 2011

Memory Keeping

I know. Yesterday was M day. Today is supposed to me N day, but here I am, past 11 pm, making another M entry.

I had something happen today that reminded me of what I really wanted to blog about for M and totally forgot. My mind isn't fully committed to this challenge - it's finals time.

In any case, here it goes.

Everyday together we make memories. When our babies are little, every memory seems so important, and at least I feel this urge to preserve all the little things so I can share them with her later.

There's something else too. I'll get these sudden *wise* moments, where something pops into my head that I think will help her later, some lesson on life, or just something I learned along the way. It can be as silly as a tasty recipe, or something more somber. Whatever they are, I don't want to forget it; I want to save it for when she needs it.

I started keeping these memories, or snippets of experience in a box. My plan is to give it to her when she turns 15, but that may not work. She found it today! Of course, I put it back into its place later, but I'm thinking, if she wants to see it as she grows up, why not? I'll just keep adding things into it, but there's no real reason she can't see them.

I sometimes draw pictures to illustrate what I mean. The one with the woman talks about how I think she'll inherit the easy tears from me. She already shows that tendency, and I want her to be ok with it. There's nothing wrong with feelings and emotions, and its ok to show them. The one with the owl says "sometimes things don't come out the way we planned or wanted them to, but that's ok. We can try to find what we like about them anyway," and that thought came because the owl didn't look anything like I wanted it too, haha. But I still think it illustrates a good point.

Do you plan on sharing your memories or life experiences with your children? How?


  1. Que coisa linda!!!!
    Que carinha mais meiga!!!
    Também guardei pra eles as coisinhas, (roupinhas, o cordão umbilical,mecha do cabelo, os desenhos deles, o primeiro dente,o primeiro cartão no dia das mães,pretendia fazer um mural, mas não o fiz.
    Agora guardo dos netinhos os desenhos que fizemos juntos.
    Amiga um Feliz domingo pra todos!!!!
    Bjos Carinhosos!

  2. Such a lovely idea, she will treasure this later too - it´s just great that she already is! :-)

  3. This is a beautiful post. I love this idea, too. Makes me want to have a baby girl. :)

  4. This is a wonderful idea. I'm haphazardly doing something similar but you've given me the inspiration to get serious and organized!