Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Excellent day!

Today has been an excellent day all around. And yes, I don't usually use the word excellent, preferring wonderful, awesome, and such. But in honor of the letter E, you know.

First, I received this super awesome goodies package from Carla Sonheim (possibly for finishing up the Silly III scavenger hunt?). How cute is that? I love it! It made me so excited to get this little surprise in the mail.

And then... some excellent news: I've signed up as a team member over at The Caffeine Coquette! I'll be one of her network writers, contributing articles on crafting with kids or for kids every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. I am so excited to join her team and hope to see some of you mamas over there.

Care to share some excellent happenings in your life?


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  2. Parabéns!!! Sucesso!!!
    Amei teu comentário,minha filha é mesmo tudo isso quem tu falou. é super legal, inteligente comunicativa, delicada, não que eu seja mãe coruja. São todos ótimos!
    Bjos Carinhosos, na sua menina também!
    vou ver uma ideias de quartos e vou fazer um post só pra tua filinha, dai te aviso ok?

  3. The card Carla sent you is super cute. I don't usually use the word super either, but it seemed to apply in this case.

  4. How exciting! I'll have to check it out and see your submissions! :)

  5. Excellent post!
    Excellent news!
    Excellent gift in the mail!
    You're right it's just an excellent day!

  6. Wohooooooooo for yoooooooou!! :-)

    This has been some day for both of us my friend! :-)

  7. That's great news! You always have great ideas for crafting with your little one.