Friday, April 8, 2011


Not many words today.

Someone I've never met in person, but greatly admire, is going through a difficult time to say the least. My heart is breaking for her.

Like glass.

I made this candle holder in her honor and I'll be lighting a candle in it later.

The heart you see is a mother's heart - beautiful, delicate, stronger than you think. But still, if something hits it too hard, it can break.

Dear S., I wish I could make it better.


  1. Sorry to hear that. :-(

    Interested in the idea you got though - I hope you´ll show us later! I´ve have scheduled some blog posts during my vacation week and I hope you´ll like them - I don´t like to leave my blog "dead" for a week.

    Take care! :-)

  2. OI querida !!!
    Obrigado, vou fazer o pap das artinhas, tu queres das flores ou da pintura?? ou tudo acho bom de tudo né pra ficar completo.
    Olha só tenho muitos vidros tu me deste uma boa ideia.
    Ótimo final de semana pra todos.
    Bjos Carinhosos.

  3. I am sorry about your friend.

  4. That's a nice candle holder that you made and this was a sincere post....straight to the point while making a huge impact.

    The Madlab Post