Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today was the first Spring day that felt like Spring. It. felt. so. nice......

We went to the park, then ice cream, then out with friends for dinner.

I cuddled my little one to sleep.

But before that I made this with her (she helped with the tearing and gluing).


  1. Obrigado querida!!!
    Se eu te contar que só sei fazer croché quadrado, então só faço tapetes mantas, guardanapos redondos nem pensar, Que lindo o coração que sua menina fêz, dá pra emoldurar e colocar na parede.
    Bjos Carinhosos
    Ótima semana !!!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely Saturday! Unfortunately my Saturday wasn't very spring like in the weather department, but I had lunch with friends, visited a couple used book stores and cuddled with my daughter before taking a nap. Who could ask for anything more?