Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pillow covers, not painting

I need to change the decor around here. Really.

And I want to use color on my walls so badly, but for now I'm holding my horses. Instead, I'm going to make some pillow covers to make things look a bit fresher and new.

Seriously, pillows and accessories are one of the easiest and quickest ways to add some new elements to your house when painting the walls isn't a possibility.

Still, how can you get any more boring and neutral than I did?!? I didn't realize how much I need color until I took this picture of the pillow cover I made on my couch.

So, next project on my list - some brightly colored pillow covers!

Do you have a secret weapon to quickly, easily, and cheaply change the look of your decor? Share them, I beg you! :)


  1. I love this so much! All of your projects look professional.

  2. Bom Dia Amada!!!
    É isso mesmo que faço por aqui, e também quando tem um acessório decorativo que não posso comprar, invento um, minhas cores preferidas,COLORIDO amo dá vida, eu contei que ganhei duas poltronas de meu irmão, comprei tecido para fazer as capas é lilás cor de uva, sabe, mas as almofadas, serão rosa pink e outro tom de lilás, estou aguardando passar o feriado da Páscoa, e vou começar,
    Acho necessário fazer essas pequenas mudanças,dá pra sentir no ar, aconchego satisfação e muita alegria a gente contamina a familia.Mas eu digo aqui minha casinha está chik.
    Amadinha vai com tudo faça o que tiver que fazer se tu não gostar desmamcha, reaproveita, inventa, pinta, borda.Agradeço a Deus por ter me feito assim.
    Bjos Carinhosos
    Dia Perfeitinho!!!

  3. Well, it's not very bright, but I love that pillow cover! Simple and pretty :)

    For spring I put up some grapevine wreathes with pink, white or yellow flowers. I changed my place mats and pulled out my pastel colored quilts and threw them over some chairs and the couch.

    I don't know if that inspires you ;)

  4. I like the pillow!It looks so Springy!
    I've felt the same way lately but the opposite--I have too much color and really want to tone it down. The thing I do most often is paint--not walls but things like frames, candlesticks, small wooden items...I'm in the middle of making my room "white" so I took down my dark floral valances and put up some inexpensive sheers, and am fixing to paint the dark red frames with some off-whites.
    Can't wait to see how you add in some color!

  5. The pillow in the photo is not bad per se, perhaps it would fit in - in another area. We change pillows around on sofa in living room and spare bedroom. This rotation keeps it interesting. I know this is only one small step, but, maybe watching you will yield more effective results. Thank You.

  6. well to me, the pillow looks great! it takes time to select a color to paint. sure you can always repaint it but that's no fun. visiting by way of the a to z challenge!

  7. I love that pillowcase! So pretty.

    My "decor" doesn't really have any theme nor planning. It's constantly evolving... and with kids, you could count on it never to be the same with all the "art" they bring (deliberate or accidental)! =)

  8. Lovely pillow - I look forward of seeing the ones you´ll find! :-)

  9. This is beautiful! iT almost looks like it should be a covert art for a children's picture book.

  10. I like to freshen up my home with fresh flowers. My grandson who is five also loves flowers so he is always helping me by finding wildflowers or telling me when a new flower is in bloom.


  11. That looks great!
    I was thinking of doing the same thing, with pillows.