Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick tutorial

Of course I had to do something "quick" for the letter Q. It's my favorite type of craft - something I can whip up in just an hour or less.

It's Spring (in the northern hemisphere) and we should have lots of flowers, right? Well, we just had two days of snow. Spring snow just isn't as attractive as flowers, so I'm taking matters into my own hands and growing some colorful flowers. Out of felt and ribbon!

You can really do whatever you want with any of these felt flowers: create a bouquet or an arrangement, a headband, a garland, etc. But enough talking, let me show you how to do a couple of flowers.

Ribbon flower
I've been doing this one since I was a wee kid, and it's so easy! It sounds more complicated then it is, so I'm giving you some pictures to go along with the explanations.

  1. Fold the ribbon in half.
  2. Separate the ends so that they are at a 90 degree angle (or close)
  3. Fold the bottom end over the top one, so that it's now on top.
  4. Repeat until you have almost no ribbon left.
  5. Let the ribbon go, holding only the ends that are left.
  6. Holding both ends loosely, pull the one that's inside (not the one you folded last)
  7. Secure ends with fabric glue or hand sew it.
step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 7

Felt flower 
Another super easy flower.
  1. Cut felt into petal shapes (use whatever colors/combinations you want). Use different sizes with outer petals  a bit bigger than the ones in the middle. You can play around with different sizes to see what you like best.
  2. Glue each petal at a time on the stem forming a flower shape. You can use different things for stems - sticks, pipe cleaners, etc. I like to use these sticks that come with wire at the end because I use the wires to help me secure the flower in place while the glue dries. It's quicker.
  3. Use watercolor paint/glue and glitter for embellishment (optional)
Put them all together and:

Thank you everyone for all the suggestions on adding color. I'll definitely share whatever I end up doing.


  1. Oh my goodness...i love this little ribbon rose! And yes...I am not sure what is going on with the weather???

    Just to let you know where I found my cupcake liners...a friend from Holland sent them my way...lucky me...I love them! Thank you for asking anyways.

    Have a great evening. xoxox

  2. Love this! It's something I could do. :P You're so creative.

  3. Obrigado amiga, aqui o povo tem dom, Os filhos são musico, do Exército Brasileiro, o resto são arteiros mesmo, hahhaha
    Bjos Carinhsos !

  4. This is super cute! :-)

    Haha - any girl who can pass the 1867 questions I´ll ask her (covering all from her moral to her great grandparents mental health)is more than welcome to date my boys... When they are 30..! :-D

  5. It's my favorite type of craft - something I can whip up in just an hour or less.
    It's my favorite too!

    When I try this, I'll share pictures because I'm sure you'll get a good laugh out of it!