Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm a big fan of using materials that I can find around the house to do crafts. It lends itself to spontaneous creating, it's cheaper and quicker than constantly running to the craft store. And it's "green."

With a tip from the lovely Shona, I got this book on crafting with recyclables:  Make It! by Jane Bull

Yeah, it's fun. We love it! Some of the crafts are a bit difficult for N. at this age, but with a bit of preparation it can be done. These are a couple of the things we've done out of the book.

Cans: kept a couple of cans after cooking; cleaned them out well, made sure nothing was sharp. Got some glittery stickers ready and let her stick them up. She loved doing it and she loves them! Seriously, it was one of the most excited I've ever seen her and she still proudly talks about her marker cans.

Junk mail bowl: She ripped paper and helped apply the home made glue I had previously done in preparation.

What do you do with your recyclables? 


  1. I've got those same glitter stickers and plenty of cans - not emptied yet - but when they are I will keep them.

    She will enjoy this so much! I know if she could type, she'd be telling you how grateful she is that I found your blog!

    I think it was your title that won me over - Musings of the Craftless Crafter! I would completely describe myself as a craftless crafter so I was hooked. However, you, young lady, are a Clever Crafter! I enjoy your blog and your crafts so much!

  2. Oh I forgot...this homemade glue -is the recipe on your blog?

  3. I think they look a lot awesomer then craft store stuff would look too :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  4. I, too try to alter them, use them in my daily live!
    Love yours~

  5. Very nice projects! And thinking green in a ever consuming world is definitly 5 stars! :-)