Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gardening }{ Texture Tuesdays

Partake as doth the bee
The Rose is an Estate -
In Sicily.

Emily Dickinson

Gardening was the theme for today's Texture Tuesday's challenge.

small flowers from one of our flower beds

  • start with original and minor adjustments
  • background copy desaturated -25%  on luminosity @70%
  • gaussian blur on background copy
  • Kim Klassen's "stained linen" on multiply @26%
  • layer mask to erase the texture over the flower
  • Kim Klassen's "warm sun" on soft light @80%

N. playing with one of the flowers we picked

  • original with minor adjustments
  • convert background copy to BW on lighten @30%
  • Kim Klassen's "warm sun" on linear burn @26%
  • Kim Klassen's "love" on luminosity @26%

These were my attempts at minimalist, simple photos involving our garden.

I'm not an orderly person. If you see my crafting areas, things are a bit... disorganized. Still, there's a side of me that likes everything in order, neat, absolutely logical. When I get around to organizing my closet, about once every month, it has to be done just so - sleeveless shirts, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, button down shirts, jackets and cardigans, sweaters, skirts, pants, cocktail dresses, business suits and dresses, and finally a few formal pieces I still have; and within each of these categories, they have to follow a progression of light colors to dark colors; and they all have to face the same way.

Back to gardening. Like me, my garden is messy and orderly all at once. Flowers follow a color based distribution, the spaces between them having been measured, trying to achieve a balance and order in quantity and shades. And yet, there are spots with overgrown grass, weeds that I never get around to pulling out. How do you reconcile all of this?

Lately, my organized side has been winning the battle. I've been in full "simplify" mode, getting rid of clutter, donating old clothes, shoes, toys, packing away things I don't need for a while but that I'll take when we move. 

This has been a long post for a photography based challenge. My apologies. Like my house, I'm trying to get words out, de-cluttering my thoughts. 

ps.: in case you are wondering what's with the quoted poems lately, I've been in the mood for poetry, revisiting a lot of my old favorites.


  1. Such cute toes! Love your precious little flower so isolated on the lovely texture!

  2. Oh, you make me wish I had a flower bed. Gorgeous flowers, baby, and photos!

  3. Both are very pretty, but I especially like seeing N's toes in the picture! =)

    I'm like you --orderly and messy at the same time, but lately I've been messier, I think. :(

  4. oh this is just so very pretty!!

    thanks for linking up with texture tuesday! xxo, kim

  5. What wonderful photos...simply sweet!!

  6. this is so lovely, delicate! great photo!

    Light Trigger

  7. These photos are beautiful! I'm a bit like you, I love things to be orderly but have a lot of trouble keeping them that way :)

  8. Love the idea of the single flower with the texture applied. Beautiful...sometimes less is more in a photo. Love one also of the little one with the flower.


  9. The "minimalist" idea is a beauty....and I live the tiny little toes, too!

  10. I love these shots - they are amazing!

  11. Love that first one. Soft and simple. And beautiful.

  12. Lovely texture work--decluttering closets-gardens-and thoughts is so never ending! But so freeing at the same time!

  13. I love the simple style of your photos.


  14. thanks for visiting us and leaving a comment! are you brazilian or you speak portuguese? happy tuesday!

  15. I love the simplicity of this. Definitely a great example of "less is more" as my college art teacher used to drill into our heads.

  16. Beautiful pictures! My favorite, though, is the flower by N.'s toes :)

    We think the same way about how an organized closet should be! I do my best to keep my just so, but have a hard time getting rid of things.

    For years I tried to have an organized garden, but it never worked. My garden does better if I don't put too much thought and planning into it. I have no idea why, but whatever works. It's like I can organize and keep my housekeeping on a schedule, but outside, nature's the boss and I have to go by her schedules and plans.

  17. The first image is so delicate. Love the little flowers sitting be themselves. Love the little toes too.

  18. Aww, love the second image! The lighting is magical!

  19. Such lovely photos my friend...I must learn to do my photoshop....must must! Hugs for a great day. xoxoxox

  20. i love, Love, LOVE little toes! waaay too cute!

  21. Oh, so pretty. What a lovely shot. That first one is gorgeous. Love the baby feet : ) Little sweetie!