Sunday, May 29, 2011

Giveaway winners and new schedule

Well, it's now past midnight on Saturday night, it's my 6 month blogoversary, and as mentioned in the giveaway post, the contest is over.

Thank you so much to those who celebrated with me. I can't wait for the next six blogging months. And without further ado, the winners are:

Congrats Buckeroomama and Catherine Denton! I'll be contacting you ladies via email for shipping details.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented. I wish I could give each one of you a copy of both books.

I also have some other blogging business to attend to - June's blogging schedule. I'm going to change things up a bit since I'm still trying out different combinations of what to include in the blog.

  • Mondays: Mondays still get to be my resting day. Hooray for Mondays!
  • Texture Tuesdays: I still love textures, and I'm having so much fun with Texture Tuesdays from Kim Klassen Cafe that I think I'll continue with these posts. 
  • Wednesdays: I don't think I'll have a review scheduled every week anymore. As much as I liked to do them, they took the longest of all my posts! So, if I come across anything I want to review or recommend for you all I'll still do it, but it won't be scheduled. That means, Wednesdays are open. Any suggestions? If not, they'll probably be something like WIP Wednesdays, or sharing with you projects I'm working on.
  • Tutorial Thursdays: This is going to stay the same. I love posting tutorials here.
  • Free for all Fridays: yep, another low pressure day. It's good to begin and end the week on with low pressure blogging, don't you think? 
  • Sketchbook Saturday-Sunday: More Illustration Fridays drawings and sketches. I might also start trying some new media for IF projects. I want to keep stretching my creative wings. 
I appreciate all of you who stop by, read, and comment so much. You mean the world to me. Thank you for making me a part of this creative community. Here's to us, continuing friendships and making new ones!


  1. Congrats to the winners! :-)

    Wow - you´re so organized with a schedule and all! Maybe I should try that some day, so far I´m just blogging about what´s happening to be inside my head for the moment... which could be practically crazy stuff like today! :-D

  2. I'm so bummed I missed the contest! I got a week behind, but I'm all caught up and have no plans to get so far behind again!

    I'm making some adjustments to my schedule too for the summer. Yours sounds great! I really enjoy seeing how you use the different textures!