Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time for something sweet (panna cotta)

Would you care for some panna cotta?

We got the recipe in this month's issue of Family Fun magazine (which I love, by the way), and I just had to try it. It came out just as pretty as I thought it would. Then I added some strawberry preserves on top because you just can't satisfy my sweet tooth. Et voila. I think this may become a favorite around here.

What are some of your favorite desserts for summer?


  1. I've never heard of that before but it looks really yummy!

    We are serious popsicle people around here in the summer cuz it's soooooo HOT! :)


  2. Yum! Loooove panna cotta. I've never thought to put berries inside the panna cotta before. Will have to try. Thanks :)

  3. Oooo - now I´m drooling! :-D Looks ever so delicious..!

    One of my favourite desserts all time is a pineapple pie - in the summers I serve it with vanilla ice-cream and it´s just SO good! That is my "safe card" - if I don´t know what people I´m inviting likes, I make that pie - because so far everyone have loved it. :-)

  4. I've never tried this - but I may need too.

    Strawberry shortcake is a summer favorite, as is ice cream or just fresh fruit.

  5. Yummmm...wish I could pop on over this looks amazing. I am a fruit girl in the summer...grew up in orchard country..PEACHES are my favourite.

    Hugs and happy weekend.

  6. Olá querida!
    no verão gosto de frutas, mas a melancia, está em primeiro lugar bem geladinha!
    Agora sobre doces TODOS, tem açucar é meu, por isso estou acima do peso, amo, adoro!!!bolo pão de ló com abacaxi misturado com creme de leite,e nozes, hummm, deixa quieto!
    Final de semana descanse em uma poltrona super comfortável, e seja feliz!!!
    Bjos Carinhosos.

  7. I hope you´ll show us some pics from the gymnastics showcase - that´s something I´ll never experience with my boys, haha! :-)

    Have a great saturday! :-)

  8. Deeelicious! I've never had that before...might have to try it now. My favs are ice cream, donuts, cookies...anything. lol

  9. It looks delicious and perfect for a summer treat. My favorite summer dessert is strawberry shortcake :)