Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An easy but cute piece to hang on your wall...

... by your child!

I don't remember where I got this idea, but I read somewhere that stamping some medium, framing, and posting it on the wall can make for pretty cute decor. I had been looking for another addition to N.'s play area, so I thought, why not let her do it? She loves to stamp.

She choose the stamps (and yes, I let her use mine, not just her kiddie ones) and went to town on several pieces of paper. Then I asked her which image she liked best ad she said the boy and girl. There was also a cherry blossom stamp very close to it, and when I measured the frame I realized it would have to go in as well. I cut it out in the shape and size of the frame and inserted it, then hung it up proudly.

She was so excited to see her stamping go up on the wall. And I think it turned out pretty nice. What do you think? What would you have done differently?

We also decided to buy some fresh flowers to add to our living room. She and I both love flowers, and we frequently buy some at the market. She chose the roses, pink of course.

What do you display around the house that was chosen or made by a child in your life?


  1. Olá querida!
    Ainda estou sem poder ler seus posts, mas por dedução acho que é uma pintura sua, emuldurada, tomara; que vá para a loja virtual.Eu quero!!!
    Amadinha te falei que minha filha chega dia 21 de julho, pois está de férias do banco e da faculdade, fica aqui em casa até dia 30, porque vai me levar para conhecer as coisinhas dela lá, ainda não fui, vou ficar 5 dias porque dai já começam as aulas dela, e eu não posso ficar mais por causa do meu irmão Luisinho, ele é muito apegado, e eu também a ele.
    Mas acredito que vou voltar com gostinho de quero mais!
    Bjos Carinhosos!
    Para N também!!!

  2. How lovely! I have a statue my daughter painted when she was eight of a mother holding her baby. It's colorful--I love it and have it set up in my studio. I have so enjoyed the book you sent me! It's fueled wonderful ideas. :D

  3. Both pictures are very beautiful.
    Best regards Synnöve

  4. I have several of my boys´paintings framed on the walls - I love them!

    Sweetie; did you miss this post:

    You can get a postcard you know..! ;-)

  5. I love this. The red looks fantastic on the yellow :)

  6. Ohhh... that small frame is really nice! Can't wait for Margot to be older and craft with her!!!

  7. Esta tudo bem já!!!
    Querida que seu final de semana seja Perfeito!!!
    Bjos Carinhosos!
    Em N tbém!!!

  8. That photo of the roses is exquisite!!

    I think her art is fabulous and perfect for wall art...she is an artist in the making just like her mama!1 :)


  9. The wall art turned out beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing.

    Why is it that little girls love pink so much? :)

  10. It's beautiful! A great idea! She was so proud, I'm sure :)