Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini drawstring bags

We had such an eventful weekend over here. It was my husband's birthday and he was home, so we celebrated it with a small party. It was so much fun - friends, good food, and lots of playing. I made some shrimp dip for the crackers, and chocolate cake with brigadeiro frosting and raspberry preserves for the filling.

We also had further proof that our little one is quite the sensitive child - we went to a live entertainment show and she was terrified of the dark lights and loud speakers.

I've also been continuing to work on things for the shop. I finished making some mini drawstring bags, complete with crochet flowers attached. I know some of you were wondering what I'm planning to sell. Well, to be honest, a bit of everything just like on the blog. I just like all the different crafts too much! So,  the shop will have small items of sewing, photography, watercolor, drawing/sketching, crochet and knitting... It's a hodge podge of crafts.

It's been such a busy month already and it will only get busier. I say, bring on the challenges, summer. I love it!

How has your summer been so far?


  1. Olá querida!!!
    Hoje não pude ler seu post, sei que está gostoso, e lindo ! essa bolsinha adorooo!
    Sabe que o técnico comfigurou o CPU e não instalou o tradutor, mas amanhã vou chama-lo para fazer! Bjos Carinhosos espero que estejam bem!

  2. My summer is GREAT so far, how I love this season! :-) Congrats to your hubby!

    My youngest has always been more sensitive than my oldest, not too fond of loud sounds and such.

  3. Yummy, yummy... :-)
    And congrats to your hubby!
    Hugs Judith

  4. Those crackers look yummy!
    I also threw a birthday party this weekend for my sister's 30th. I made lasagna, but no cute drawstring bags!

    When I took Monkey to see Princess' On Ice she seemed frozen, like all the lights and music and stuff overwhelmed her completely. I had expected her to go crazy seeing the Disney princesses in person, but she barely said a word or moved off my lap. Go figure.