Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodbye ballerina

N. had to make a choice.

We don't want to overschedule her, or be those parents running around from class to class and never giving anyone a chance to just be, just relax as a family. Still, I also want to give her a chance to try out the things she's interested in. Then again, how much can you trust the request of a toddler to be more than a passing phase? I listen to what she says, and I believe she knows what she wants. But when you have to prioritize...

The point is she asked to go to ballet *and* gymnastics, and we agreed on a trial basis. We tried it out, but the schedule was getting to be too much for me and her during the week. I asked her to choose one.

She chose gymnastics. So it's goodbye, ballerina.


  1. Well, gymnastics is a great activity so good for her! :-) She´s totally lovely in that outfit though. :-)

  2. But she can still dance all around in her lovely tutus at home! :) I think it's great that you leave time for just being together...I know many families that run around every day and are never home...seems very hectic.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. She's so young! As she gets older and she trys new activities I bet she will figure out what she loves and wants to pursue long term.

  4. I feel your pain. It's such a strange feeling, as if you are going to miss that window of opportunity as its closing shut, so you feel compelled to jump through every open window you see for fear they never open again. Ah parenthood.

  5. My daughter is 12 years old and we only do two activities a week. That's it. Otherwise our schedule is frazzled.

    Good decision.

  6. She can still dance around in her ballerina outfits. :) Z does ballet and gymnastics, but and that's pretty much it. Next year when she starts primary school, I will have to probably not sign her up for any extra-curricular activities --at least for the first term. It'll be tiring enough for her to transition from a half-day to a full-day school, without me overloading her with after-school classes, even though she loves them.

  7. A lovely ballerina indeed! And gymnastic will do her good if later she wants to return to ballet... I agree too much is too much, children need time to play freely and get even bored, all is useful! Good luck with everything!

  8. Olá amiga querida!!!
    Essa bailarina e´linda, aqui tem uma também, minha neta Liah, Bem gordinha qualquer dia mostro.
    Vocês estão bem??? Aqui tudo azul, quer dizer tudo beleza. tudo bem!!!
    Bjos Carinhosos.

  9. She was a beautiful ballerina!
    Completely understand asking her to choose one. Too much running around is detrimental to everyone's sanity.

  10. such a sweet post...good decision, going through much of the same with my little one. Sanity is a good thing, even when you are two ;)