Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday party }{ Mini tutorial

She's 3. I can't believe it, but she's 3 years old. Oh my.

This weekend we had her birthday party, and in her request the theme was cherry blossoms (sakura), the official flower of Japan.

Between my husband and I, we did all the decorations, food and drinks, party favors, etc. We did rent a bounce house for the little ones. We had quite a few of her friends over, and they all seemed to thouroughly enjoy their time over.

Unfortunately I don't have many good pictures, since I was too busy running around. I managed to get a picture of the cake and of her blowing the candle. (by the way, my husband made that cake....)

And here's a mini-tutorial for the cherry blossoms vase:

  1. Using upcycled glass bottles and jars, I spray painted them using the palette of the birthday theme (white, pink, lilac). I got this idea from Creative Jewish Mom.
  2. I bought some twigs and dried branches at the local Joann.
  3. Using pink tissue paper, I cut a bunch of circles. Adding a little glue in the middle, I scrunched the tissue into a sort of cone, bringing all the edges together.
  4. I glued two or three flowers into each twig and put them in the vases.
That's it! Super easy and cute. They're actually still up in our bookcases, and I think I might leave them up for a while.

Does your husband have a secret talent? How did you find out about it?


  1. Your hubby did good with that cake - wowsers! She´s so sweet, congrats to her! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday - what a wonderful age.

  3. This is fabulous... what a special day for your sweet N. I caught my breath at that cake, that is just about the coolest thing I have seen in a long time, your husband is amazing! Love the cherry blossom theme, so beautiful and unique!

    Well, I must say that my hubbie makes the best chicken marsala EVER...melt in your mouth. And he made it after watching a cooking show, he took NO notes, and just went to the grocery store and made it.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Happy Birthday to N! *hugs to her*
    That cake is amazing! *high five to your husband*
    My husband's secret talent is poetry!
    I love how you have the pictures clipped to clothes pins! How did you do that?

  5. BTW, I signed up for pinterest because I needed a better way to organize all the stuffy you post that I love!

  6. The cake is amazing! It looks like you all had a lovely day.