Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lemony sweet treats

What colors remind you of spring?

For me yellows, pastel pinks, turquoise, light blues and greens. So every spring I feel this need to bring some of these colors in the house - flowers, vases, bowls, art, anything that I can easily place in view.

Food as well - fruits, veggies, juice... And these stick around through the summer. Lemons become a staple around here, from spring valleys to the high peaks of summer heat. Ahhh, lemon, how I love thee...

Yes, yes, back to the post.

I found this amazing lemon oat bars recipe over at simple daily recipes and boy, oh boy. She's right when she says you can't stop at one. They're delicious.

A sweet way to celebrate spring


  1. I agree - love lemons! I need to change some of my interior colors soon! :-)

  2. There IS something about the tangy taste of lemon that keeps you snackin', these look great! Thanks for sharing this recipe link! :)

  3. Yum - lemon flavoured stuffs. I can't wait for all the delicious fruits that spring brings!

  4. You always take the best pictures. They look too beautiful to even eat!

  5. Mmm...sounds yummy! will have to try these. TY for sharing the link.