Monday, March 12, 2012

A St Patrick's Day Weekend

The Lovely Catherine Denton is having a blog party today for a very good reason: her daughter is going to Africa to do volunteer work with orphans. She's having giveaways and fun posts all day and giving discounts on her Etsy shop. All proceeds go to her daughter's trip. Do stop by and say hello over at her post.


No, we're definitely not Irish, not even remotely (Brazil, Japan, and Ireland are all quite far from one another). But this past weekend was filled with St Patrick's Day festivities.


In order to get N. to eat some veggies she usually shies away from I decided to make a leprechaun meal. The sandwich (ham, swiss cheese spread, and shredded carrots) was the hat, then I added a beard (mashed avocado), a mouth (tomatoes), eyes (mozzarella cheese and raisins), some gold coins (cut up baby carrots), and shamrocks (kiwis and cucumbers). She loved it and ate everything... except the veggies.


N.'s best friend and her parents were on their way to a St Patty's day celebration at a carousel factory museum and texted us to see if we'd like to go. N. never refuses a playdate with this little girl (and I like her mom a lot too), so off we went. It was so much fun. We had a little scavenger hunt that took us around the museum - very old carousel horses, carriages, and other animals; organs that read and played music from a sheet of paper with holes; wood carving the animals by hand; a man dressed as St Patrick that told us his story, and then at the end of the rainbow, a pot of gold (candy) and a carousel ride on a 90 year old carousel (no worries, it was safe). Then, crafts, face painting, Irish dancers, and a lot of fun. The girls had a blast, but by the end they were tired and cranky and didn't even want to give each other a hug goodbye. Then they made up, of course. 

ps.: I wish I had more pictures of the place, but it was incredibly dark and some areas were restricted when it came to photography. For the ones up there, you can see all the noise and blur from bumping up my iso way too high. Also, a lot of the pictures I do have also include N.'s little friend and I wouldn't post without her permission.


A quiet and beautiful spring day. We went to the park, drew with chalk on the sidewalk, blew bubbles, and just enjoyed a sunny day outside. 

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. What a fun weekend! I love the St. Patrick's Day lunch idea. Painting, posting, and photographing. That about sums it up. Oh, and cooking. It was raining here so I'm ready to get outside in the sunshine today.

    Thanks so much for posting about my blog party!
    Catherine Denton

  2. Aww, how fun is that! The leprechaun meal looks pretty fantastic, super mom!

  3. Now I'm dreaming of a Saint Patty's feast at our house.

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I know my daughter would love your leprechaun meal :)

  5. Yay for creative and sweet times with your sweet N, those green foods are cute and fun! I love St Patrick's Day stuff, we really need to do something!!