Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The March Equinox Project

I've been meaning to do a proper color photography post. Now I've got an excuse and a plan.

1 - A few posts back, I mentioned some colors that remind me of spring.

2 - I read about this color walk in the lovely Whimsy Love blog.

3 - Then, today I joined an Alt Summit online class (which you can find here) about projects to get your creative photog juices flowing. One of the exercises suggested was to come up with a project and do it.

I'm going to combine those three totally unrelated pieces up there into a new photography challenge: the March Equinox Project.

Here's my challenge:

  • I'm choosing one color every week
  • Taking lots of pictures of nature in various shades of that color
  • Sharing a collage of that week's color with you
  • Then at the end, make a collage including my favorites from each color
Duration: From the March Equinox to the June Solstice

That means that I'm already 1 week late! So this week, my goal will be two colors and two collages.

I'm choosing green and white to start with. I'll be sharing a full collage for both in one week.

For now, I'll leave you with just a bit of green sprouting from our apple tree that I happened to snap this weekend.

I didn't know I'd be doing this challenge when I first edited this picture, so it's textured. The others won't be.
What creative challenges have you embarked on lately? Would you like to join me?


  1. How very sweet - it's like spring is peeking out at you. The creative endeavors I've been involved in revolve around idea generation - it's a lot harder than I thought it would be!

  2. I love the texture in this pic, it looks beautiful! :-)

  3. Oh, this sounds like fun! You are always so good at self-motivation with regard to your art projects. I wish I'm more like that. :)

  4. Such a beautiful photo my friend...what fun! xoxo Hugs.

  5. It's lovely! I've been eyeing those alt classes...so you recommend them?

  6. Can't wait to see your collages! I love this idea but I've already got too many projects on my plate to join. I'll be looking forward to seeing yours though!
    Catherine Denton

  7. Love the texture in this photo, sound like a great project to stretch your skills!

  8. What a great idea - I wish I could join in on this one - but work says no. Instead I'll have to enjoy the fruits of your labours.