Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Green and White }{ The March Equinox Project

As promised last week, I'm back with the pictures I took for the colors green:

And white:

It turned out to be more challenging than I thought! We had hail, lots and lots of cold weather, and clouds up through the weekend. A lot of flowers and foliage that had begun to sprout and bloom then withered or suffered from this cold spell. Some beautiful cherry blossoms I had seen are now gone. The daffodils from my neighbors look so sad. But in any case, I found some greens and whites. But then somehow I forgot to include my favorite picture of something green in my collage! Oi... 

If you want to know more about the project I've started, check this post.

What has your beginning of spring been like? Warmer than usual, colder than usual, or just about average?


  1. Wow, you captured gorgeous hues of each color. LOVE these photos--nature at it's best. Our Spring has been feeling more like summer until today; a small rain cooled everything down to a normal Spring temperature.
    Catherine Denton

  2. So many beautiful pictures! Especially the one with the waterfall! It's warmer here than it was a few weeks ago thank goodness!

  3. Oh yay for spring finally arriving. It's warm here, warmer than usual. But rainy which is good. We've needed the rain and all the rain we can get!

  4. It's been hot already so I'm thinking this summer's going to be a scorcher! We didn't have any tornadoes this far south, thankfully...but we seriously need rain! and a cold front. I love your photos, they're all so beautiful, I especially love the waterfall.

  5. Beautiful pics my friend - hope you, family and belly will have a great Easter! :-)

  6. It's definitely been cooler so far this spring in SF. I love these pics and can't wait to see more about the project. Great post and I'm following you now


  7. Oh I love these colours...my outside world is filled with them. It has been chilly here too...Happy weekend and hope you have a blessed Easter!

  8. Love those white pictures - gorgeous!