Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yellow }{ The March Equinox Project

One more week has gone by, one more color I enjoyed out there. Yellow.

Daffodils and dandelions. I do love dandelions, and I don't care that they are considered weeds. Maybe that makes them even more... of an underdog.

One of the cool things about this project so far is it's teaching me which flowers come out in early spring versus later. I know. I should know that by now, considering that I like to add flowers to my garden every year and that I'm always buying indoor flowers as well. But, there you have it: I'm not sure what comes out when and how long they last. 

Even worse, I don't even know the name of lots of flowers I see and like. So I've been asking. Another good thing coming out of this project  - I'm realizing how friendly many people are around here. If I ask the name of their flowers and permission to take a photo, they open right up, smile, and give me all kinds of information about gardens. 

I really need to do things like this more often.

What's your favorite way to strike up a conversation with neighbors?


  1. Have you had dandelion tea? I really like it!

  2. I rarely have the chance to talk to neighbors. I think it's great that the photography and art project are opening up ways to meet and greet folks, that's an added bonus!

  3. Walking a dog has been my favorite way to strike up conversations - it's amazing what a great ice breaker they can be.

  4. Yellow is one of my favoriteist colors!! (Yes, I made that word up) And your photos are gorgeous! I love that your project is getting you out talking with people and that they've been so kind about it. I've thought of doing a project to push me to be more interactive. Our mailman seems to have a problem delivering mail to the right houses so we often strike up a conversation while exchanging letters.
    Catherine Denton

  5. Running has been the best way for me to meet and get to know my neighbors. Running with the jogging stroller really opens up conversation :)