Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Purple }{ The March Equinox Project

Purple is the color of royalty. It's a word with no match (can you think of a word that rhymes perfectly with purple?).

Before this year, I didn't think of purple as a spring color. But I'm finding it everywhere.

What do you think about when you think of purple?


  1. Well, I do love it on flowers - but it is the one color that I really don´t feel comfortable wearing so I have a hate/love relationship with it. :-)

  2. Myrtle - sorry that's the best I could think of.

    Such a lovely colour.

    Nina x

  3. WINE! Just kidding... maybe

  4. I think of amethyst..the purple stone. That's funny, I don't usually think of purple as a spring color either but I do now, your photos are so pretty and 'springy', we have lots of purple 'verbena' flowers here in Texas, too.

  5. I love your purple tribute :) Especially the combination with yellow - there is something so HAPPY in purple + yellow :)