Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Painting Mini Pumpkins }{ crafting with kids

Here's an idea for an easy and fun activity during a Fall afternoon: painting some mini pumpkins.

These mini pumpkins are very inexpensive at pumpkins farms, but our grocery store also offers them as a kit that comes with some paint. Everything you need is right there in the package. If you get the pumpkins individually, acrylic paint should work fine.

Just give the kids (and adults!) some paint, brushes, sharpies or paint pens and let them come up with whatever design/pattern/faces they want. Fun for the whole family. And I also like the mini pumpkins early in the season because they don't rot as quickly as the bigger ones we carve every year.

Apologies for the wonky photos, they were taken while holding a 6 week old wiggly girl...

How do you like to decorate your pumpkins?


  1. Heh - too cool and funny! :-) We don´t have a strong tradition about decorating pumpkins in Sweden, though it´s happening more and more the latest years. These are adorable though! :-)

  2. Those are wonderful pumpkins - I see that crafting and creativity runs in your family :)

  3. Mini pumpkins are so much fun!! It looks like a great (and messy) time :).

  4. This is always such a sweet way to spend time with the kiddies...we paint pumpkins every year and I love seeing how their artistry evolves year after year. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your home with us...see you soon...xo