Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank you Ojiichan and Obaachan! (Fall dresses)

Tomorrow I'll be posting a fun craft we did over the weekend with the princess (involving pumpkins, yay!)

But today I wanted to take the time to say thank you to Naomi's wonderful grandparents in Japan: Obaachan and Ojiichan. They always think of her (and now Nina too) and send her lots of goodies from over there.

She loves to get packages from them, and this time she decided to model the dresses that came in. She was so excited. I wish they could see how happy she was.


  1. Lucky her! Can I adopt them as my grandparents too? Would be freaking awesome to get packages from there! :-D

  2. Aww, those are adorable! And I love the heart tights she's got on

  3. Gorgeous dresses - how lucky is she.