Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More projects finished

I finally finished the scarf and hat I wanted to send to my niece. I kept getting involved in a thousand other things, but I finally got to it. My daughter's little buddy is modeling the two pieces.

(yep, picture is blown)

I also decided to make a little gift bag to send the hat and scarf in. It took me all of one hour! I love these quick projects. All I did was sew the bag and the lining with scraps of fabric I have around. Here are some rough general (and maybe confusing?) directions:

  1. Cut four rectangular or square pieces of two fabrics (2 x 2). The lining pieces should be about one inch shorter then the outside.
  2. Line the matching pieces (RS) and pin. Sew leaving a little opening on one side. Repeat with the other two pieces (lining) but leave a 10 cm opening on the back seam.
  3. Put the outer bag (RS out) completely inside the lining (WS out), line the top edges and seams, pin the tops and sew them together (I used a zigzag stitch on the machine).
  4. Push the bag through the gap in the back seam of the lining, pull it out, turning the lining RS out at the same time.
  5. Using a ladder stitch, close the gap, leaving just a small opening to pull the ribbon/cord through. 
  6. Take a ribbon and push/pull through the gap between the lining and outer bag.
  7. I left the edges of this section raw, but you can certainly finish it for a more professional look.

I hope my little niece likes it! I love making stuff for the little ones in our family.

Oh yeah!

Stay tuned for a home decor/cooking related giveaway later this week

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  1. This is so sweet! :-)

    I bought Canon 18-200 IS, works really well for most photos! :-)