Monday, May 14, 2012

How I feel about homemade gifts

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms!

I hope you spent a fun, relaxing, and fulfilling day with your family.

Warning: very subjective opinions coming up...

There are tons of holidays where we feel obliged to give gifts or otherwise spend some kind of money to show our love for someone. That second part isn't bad - we all need to show our appreciation for those around us, especially those who love us, and taking a specific day to remind us of doing that (let's face it, we don't always think about it) can be a good thing. But I do take issue with something: The push for buying gifts can sometimes take away from the meaningful appreciation of those we're supposed to be honoring.

What I mean is that in our crazy busy lives it's so easy to give gifts without thinking about them. But what if we could spend less and give something more meaningful sometimes? That's where I think homemade gifts come in.

Getting a sweet and customized gift will never get old, no matter how big my kids are. I will always love anything my little girls put time and effort in to give me, whether they cook it, draw it, write it, sew it, sing it, whatever. It's their love put in to what they do for me that will make it so special.

Now, I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I know not everyone is a fan of homemade gifts in any case. I just hope my mom is. ;)

What's your gift giving preference/tradition for holidays?


  1. My mom had kept all of the homemade cards that we've made for her... it's really sweet to know that they meant that much to her

  2. Awesome post! And I LOVE what you gave your mother. Your handmade looks amazing. Mine looks a little more rough around the edges.
    Catherine Denton

  3. I have given home made gifts if it´s something I think the person would love, it´s all based on the situation for me. I bet your mama was happy after that gift! :-)

  4. I love homemade gifts. One Christmas, my whole family agreed to only give gifts that they had was wonderful.

  5. Your mother's day gift set is so sweet. I love handmade gifts! I love to make them & to receive them - but it's not for everyone, that's true!

  6. I think if my handmade gifts looked as awesome as yours, I'd do that all the time. <3

  7. I completely agree with Maggie May - if my handmade gifts looked as pretty as yours I'd give them all the time.

    I do cherish my daughter's handmade gifts so much more than something store bought :)