Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Model Magic and plastic lid "cakes"

Before talking about our latest crafting adventures, I wanted to announce a little change in my blogging: Mrs Ricefield is now Mrs Ricefield Crafts and Mrs Ricefield Illustration

This blog was getting cluttered with too many topics, no focus, and just too much variety. I decided to separate my illustration and photography side from the sewing, crafting, etc. So, from now on, this blog will feature the latter, while Mrs Ricefield Illustration will focus on the former. 


It's no secret that I have a girly-girly-girl with a very unique sense of fashion. This child sometimes makes Pinkalicious seem colorless.

And yes, she's obsessed with pink.

I've also mentioned before that I like to recycle household items. Put those things together and you've got this project: little doll cakes made of modeling clay and plastic lids + beads.

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest, linking to a post on Love and Lollipops. We did make our own homemade clay using a recipe I had, but it dried quickly and it was breaking so easily that we remade everything using a small bag of Model Magic.

the original homemade clay

tea time with our friends

cakes made with Model Magic

It was a hit. She still loves playing with her little cakes, although all the beads have been taken out by now. I tried gluing them back on, but nothing seemed to stick well enough to prevent her from taking them off. So I just let it go and the cakes are still popular during our "tea" time.


  1. Oh my - my blog is REALLY cluttered with all kinds of stuff, but I´ll guess I´ll keep it that way. That´s how my brain is: cluttered..! :-D

    Sweet little cakes!

  2. That's so cute and she is so girly!

  3. LOVE! Your cakes are precious. And I like how Barbie's waiting so patiently for tea-time to begin. ;)
    Catherine Denton

  4. SO cute and fun! Love the little pink cake photographed with the tiny tea set, that is adorable.

  5. What a brilliant and lovely idea - I must try this out with my girls.

    Nina x

  6. This child sometimes makes Pinkalicious seem colorless. LOL! I could say the exact same thing about my girly-girly-girl! And by no means suggest she wear pants or shorts - if it's not a skirt or dress forget about it ;)

    Love the little cakes and this is definitely a craft I need to do with Monkey!
    BTW, I notice a 'Little Mermaid' barbie doll. Is N. a big mermaid fan too?