Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strawberry Season

I won't try to give excuses for not being more regular with blog posting. I trust you'll believe me that it's just hard right now. Too much going on, on the verge of many changes.

But I just had to share this! 

We went to a farm to pick strawberries last weekend. Although we didn't pick as much as last year, we ended up doing a lot more with them. And look at all this delicious bounty we ended up with:

Ok, you don't think I'll leave you without some links to the recipes, do you? Nah, I wouldn't do that.

The jam is new for us, and I'm so glad we found it. I'd say it's like strawberry lemonade jam, but that maybe because I used a bit more lemons than the recipe called for. Oh and no need for pectin.

In the back you see some fresh strawberry lemonade. To die for. I used a regular blender and a strainer to get it a bit thinner.

Finally, there's that greek yogurt strawberry banana bread. Yum.

Have you started enjoying some summer fruit harvests? Do share! 


  1. Oh yuuummmmm! It all looks amazing. What a great way to welcome in summertime.

  2. Wow, greek yogurt strawberry banana bread? Can you put any more of my favourite things into one food item?

  3. Yum, yum! I've mostly enjoyed strawberries so far - my favourite during summer! :-)

  4. Lovely! Thanks for the links :)

  5. Oh my - greek yoghurt strawberry bread....such temptations.

    Happy weekend,

    Nina xxx

  6. Love the fresh picked strawberries! We froze a lot of them for smoothies!